Sausage Dog Photoshoots

I am currently working on a great project: a 2018 Dachshund Calendar for a local group, who will be donating all profit to a charity called the Red Foundation.

This is so exciting – let’s be honest, there is very little that beats getting to spend lots of days indoors or outdoors with lots of sausage dogs in all shapes and sizes.

My first photo shoot for the calendar was with a gorgeous mini sausage over the weekend. We went for a walk together, and I brought my own wonderful mini sausage, Conrad, along.

Most of the photos I took on the shoot were done as we walked along, and I managed to capture this sweet dog playing, having fun and generally being herself.

At the end of the walk when they were both tired, I managed to get the shot I was after for the calendar. Below are a few of the pictures from the day, but you will have to wait for the calendar shot until it is published 😉

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